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Design updates

Entire site, including the blog and main site, sports one design now.

Last day of a four day weekend, and I wasted only today in front of the PC. Something I’ve been putting off for quite a while was to get the designs similar for both my blog and rest of the site. Finally! Got the blog to use the same design as the main site.

The new design does not use a single graphic in the layout. I wrote about justifications and excuses for this redesign two weeks ago.

This was a hurried job and I am not entirely happy with the implementation. Oh well, I’m done with redesigns for the time being.

Note to self: For color sensitive designs, never use a LCD screen as long as majority of the world uses CRT monitors. The top bar has a fiery yellow look on LCD, but really bad lime like yellow on CRTs.

Todo list:

  1. Have RSS listing from blog, on related sections on the main site.
  2. Update resume.
  3. Fix the Tidy web service.
  4. Make a script to generate static pages out of my new Zope based album.