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DEC: Adding target to custom link dialog

[2001/11/08] Shows how to grab and set the target property for a link using custom dialog. [more]

Fixing IMG attributes in DEC

[2001/05/29] Fixing the style tag for image height and width as done by DEC. [more]

Tidy service with ASP

[2001/05/13] HTML Tidy is a great tool for cleaning up HTML pages. SOAP is a great way to make reusable web services. This explains how to set up a simple Tidy service using ASP. [more]

Relative links from Zope

[2001/04/11] If you use Zope for managing your site's content, chances are that you use DTML Templates heavily. This explains how you can make relative links to common elements used in headers and footers. [more]

Connecting to your home machine from outside

[2001/04/07] I've a home network with a Linux server acting as a gateway to internet via a 56K modem. It runs Samba, DHCP service and SSH. Often I work at home and will need to get information from home network, when I am in the office. This explains how I do that - might be useful for you. [more]

Making static sites from Zope

[2001/03/30] I develop my site using Zope. It is a very good application server. However, Zope is also a terrific content management tool. In this article, I explain how to make a static mirror of your dynamic Zope site, which can then be served by Apache/IIS or other dumb servers. This is useful, if you want ... [more]

DHTML Editor Control: Images & Links

[2001/03/12] Microsoft has a good WYSIWYIG html editing ActiveX component which can be used to make web based editors. This document explains how to get properties for existing images and links in your document. [more]

Web Page Authoring Guidelines

[2001/03/07] This document aims at providing a starting point on the guidelines and processes involved in developing web pages. . [more]

Using HTML Tidy from ASP

[2001/03/02] HTML Tidy is a great utility for cleaning up your web pages. You can use a DLL which does the same thing from your server to clean up HTML using a script. This article explains how to get started with HTML Tidy using ASP on PWS/Windows 98. [more]

Zope for managing nearly static sites

[2001/02/19] How to use Zope, some Python, rsync and a shell script to make and maintain a website. Think of it as a $0 solution, against costly web content management software. [more]

VI with UNIX tools

[2001/02/01] VI editor has an execute-in-shell mode which can be used with powerful UNIX tools to create neat filters. [more]

Top 3 ranks' SQL for Oracle

[2001/02/01] Finding the top N ranks in a query was always an interesting problem with Oracle. Here's some SQL to help you do that quickly. [more]

Using RSYNC to synchronize web sites

[2001/02/01] rsync is a UNIX/Linux utility that was written initially by the creator of Samba. It is a great tool to synchronise folder trees. [more]

Difficult dates for computers

[2001/02/01] Some dates which can cause to problem in UNIX machines, as per GNU site. [more]

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