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The following tools and software are what I've used in making this site. All pages are made by Zope, under Apache on Linux. Many thanks to Csoftexternal link for their extremely good and very economical service. If you are looking for an economic and highly professional hosting service on Linux with MySQL, full CGI and PHP support, I can confidently say you don't find a better option than Csoftexternal link . I have had this site hosted by Csoft since June 1999 and I hardly faced any problem. When I did have technical difficulties their e-mail support was far better than even the ones from big companies to which pay you 100 times more :-) They may tell they are just an ISP, but they are far better than most ASP's out there.

Csoft no longer allows running Zope on their servers, so I run Zope on my home machine, then have some scripts that generate static site out of it. This is then uploaded to Csoft using the great rsync. Read more about it.

My Zope configuration: