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Current Work


Short story - linked.in. Long story, read on. I've not yet updated my résumé. The main change is that I am now located in Bangalore, India, since February 2004. I worked as a Product Development Manager till mid 2005, responsible for a P&L division in charge of two *nix products, one Oracle based product (VLDB), a web based product, a Windows desktop product and a subscription service.
From 2005 till 2011, I was delivering new products and new releases for various Supply Chain Management operations with Sterling Commerce (acquired by IBM). I was responsible for 4 products (as of 2011), all running as SaaS operations. Other than usual design, architecture and delivery management, I was responsible for L3 support of my products too.
From 2011, I've been with ezetap.com.

From December 1999 to February 2004, I worked as the web technologies lead (my title was Sr. Technology Architect) for a very large non-profit organization. You can download my skill sets inventory as of January 2001 in Microsoft Excel 97 format.

Before that, I spent 3 years at Infosys in Bangalore and Annecy, France doing development and leading offshore development.

My first job was at CMC Ltd., in Bangalore, from 1993 to 1995. Wonderful first job - got to get my hands dirty on networking, fixing PCs and running Unix machines. I still remember a 3 day weekend when I relaid all the cables at a customer site across 3 floors. Despite the back pain for next 3 days, the call volumes came down from 15 a day to 2 a week. Made me realize the power of preventive maintenance.

Looking to hire me?

I am no longer interested in a manager role. If you need to architect a solution and get it developed with a team, let me know at vsbabu_AT_gmail_DOT_com

I finished my engineering course in one of the top engineering colleges in India in 1993.

I've pretty good knowledge on the functional aspects of business systems like sales and distribution systems, data warehousing and project management. First hand knowledge of developing customisable systems is also one of my plus points since I've worked in applications catering to European markets.

I prefer open source software and LINUX. In general I like all flavours of UNIX. I would like working in Oracle, Unix and Intranets. My strong point is my learnability. I'm very quick at learning things.

I've been a configuration controller for almost an year and so I am very familiar with QA and QSD. Though I don't prefer taking up a QA job, I like doing that as an additional work. I've seen many a sterling effort go waste by poor organisation!

To summarize, I would like to work in application design and development using Oracle on UNIX, with as much automation on system maintenance as possible, and to let the users make use of Intranets more fruitfully. I'm very keen on web technologies, especially in making community systems on the web - like acsexternal link .