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If you read it as "google-go", I'm sorry. I meant, "googl-ego". I'm the #1 Babu now!

Finally! Google makes me the #1 result if you search for Babu. For non-believers, and for my future ego-boosts, here's the screenshot.


My wife is the #1 Tharunya. Though Google doesn't believe here name is an actual name either :-)


Google image search of Babu was enough to deflate my ego. Apparently, Babu is a popular name for dogs and monkeys in Japan.

Is it because Google favours blogs for name searches?

As I suspected, searching for my family name, Vattekkat is no contest. As far as I know, my brother and I are the only Vattekkat's on the net.

  1. Have you heard of Search Engine Optimization mate.
    It's really fun , that's how you can make your rank site higher for whatever keyword:)

    Posted by: Bid on March 14, 2004 10:24 PM