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This page will have scripts and programs I write. Most of them might be silly, but might be useful to some one.

You can use this SED script to unhtml the HTMLised source code

sed -e :a -e 's/<[^>]*>//g;/</N;//ba'

All the scripts in this site are under GNU Public License. And they cost $0. I've had several people ask me how much they need to pay me to use these. If you've tons of money and feel that you must pay me, email me. If you really liked the scripts, you can send me a postcard of your town/village.

Babu's... If you want to give me credit, you can use this button to link to this site.

Web development section has additional software I have written in PHP and Zope.

If you have Microsoft Excel 97, here is how you can try flight simulator! Just like how technical books seem to have a price tag proportional to the gross weight, I wonder whether software makers also need to price it based on file size.