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Best of ALL worlds!

Very impressive. I doubt if things like this would've been possible without open source.

Here’s what I want from a typical operating system, considering the fact that Windows is still the most widely used system.

  1. Stability of Linux.
  2. Ease of use of Macintosh.
  3. Range of software available for Windows.
  4. DOS batch scripting, to help me with (f******) IIS servers.

Emulator, emulator, emulator

Here is a possible answer - check this screenshot. Terrific! Won’t work for me now, because I’m not about to switch to PowerPC yet.

Mac-on-Linux lets you run MacOS under Linux/ppc. MOL runs natively on the processor, i.e. it is very fast. Unlike most mac emulators, MOL can run MacOS 8.6 and later WITHOUT A ROM IMAGE.”

Other screenshots reveal that it can now run Jaguar, OSX (10.1) and Classic 9. Or all together too :-)