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Lessons of 9/11

What have people learned from 9/11? Dave thinks aloud.

Since 9/11 is fast approaching, there is lot of talk about anniversary programs in TV, anniversory trauma and handling etc. Dave Winer has written an excellent piece on this. It is an enlightening essay and I simply wish it is read by as many Americans as possible.

Here are some of Dave’s observations that caught my attention.

Most people in the world just want to get on with their lives and have something to live for. United States is in a very strong position to spread the wings of democracy around the world. Do that. Make regimes change - especially in the oil tub of Middle East that are ruled by royal families - to govern based on the will of common people. Let them have a feeling that their will have an impact too.

I hope Dave doesn’t get flamed and accused of being a communist or unpatriotic.