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Quick Ref: SVN command line

There are times when you need to use SVN rather than GIT. Command line is actually much more easier for SVN than many other graphic tools.
#make a working dir
mkdir sandbox
cd sandbox
svn co svn://svn-repo-machine/repo/path myproject --username myusernameatsvnserver
#go to work on items
cd myproject
#pull latest from server
svn up 
#queue a file for addition
svn add newfile.c
#queue for deletion
svn delete anoldfilewedontneed.c 
#get the info on what is different in your local vs server
svn status 
#list commit comments on a file
#commit one file. * will commit all that changed.
svn ci -m "Edited this file for ..." filethatgotchanged.c 

Now, configure vim as the svn diff tool.