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Tunnel visions

Nice explanation on why we need to look beyond straining our hands to type less-than and greater-than all over the code.
  1. Ruby-on-rails tunnel vision
  2. Java tunnel vision

Now see Why I enjoy rails?

Exactly -- I can’t agree on #2 more. Java/J2EE, Eclipse/RCP and Oracle earns my daily bread. Of these, I still like Oracle database technology quite a lot. Eclipse/RCP is new and nice so far. About Java/J2EE, read #2 above.

But one thing I really hate is this whole abuse of XML to define mappings, templates, programming constructs and even data transfer between enterprises (why on earth should a programmer consider XML to transfer data across systems when both ends are in your control still escapes me -- may be we need to justify our need for T1 lines!).

Being in India for more than a year now, one thing that continues to amaze me is the wide-spread feeling that scripting languages are somehow inferior. Programmers don’t mind writing convoluted and hard to follow XSLTs or even XML configuration files with extra effort gone into specify rule’s engine like logic; but the same thing, when done with 1/10th the effort in Ruby, Jython or Groovy is apparently not good for self-respect.