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Citibank defines advanced browsers

This message, in 2005, is surely a poor excuse for not knowing how to design web sites.

I went to do on-line banking at CitiBank India. I am using Opera 8.02 and here’s the message that greeted me.

Your browser must be upgraded!
We are sorry, but in order to provide our customers with the most technologically advanced internet security features,we require Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ or Netscape Communicator 4.7+.
Our system has detected that your browser does not match this standard. Here are links to download the upgrade you need. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 download page Netscape Navigator 4.7 download page
Thank you!

At least change the versions to IE 6 and NS 7!


By the way, when I visited the site using Firefox, it was not any better. Pretty much whatever I clicked created new windows. Probably because they use frames. In 5 minutes of usage, I got one server error and one javascript (object not found) error. To login, you can only enter PIN using mouse, by clicking on an HTML table filled with a keyboard layout -- apparently, this helps improve security, since this layout changes often to beat viruses you might’ve on your PC that logs key sequences.

After many popup windows and pages that are horrible to navigate -- mess of links, blinking graphics for "new" etc. -- I gave up.