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Which is the best DN site?

Developer Network sites are used a lot by programmers. Here is what I found most usable.

There are several sites I frequent (at varying frequency) these days. Most of them have similar functionality. They give you access to articles, discussions, downloads, search, polls etc. Since technology information explodes very quickly, information architecture of these sites better be well thought out so that programmers' brains are not taxed any more than required!

Here’s my rating on various sites' home pages.

Intel Software Network Home [3/10]

Borland Developer Network [3.5/10]

BEA dev2dev [5/10]

Sun Developer Network [6/10]

Oracle Technology Network [6.5/10]

IBM developerWorks [7/10]

And the winner is...

MSDN [8/10]

Before supporters of Open Source jump at me -- I use GNU/Linux a lot. I use Oracle, LAMP and Java (in that order) far more than any Microsoft technologies. I use Windows XP at home only for synching to my Pocket PC and for tracking my Expenses -- which I never got around to converting to OpenOffice Calc.

Also, I am not in Microsoft’s pay! One has to acknowledge a good thing when one sees one; that’s all.

Note that I’ve only covered sites that company’s have put together. In the OSS world, there may be better things. I like Ruby on Rails, Plone, Spring Framework and Apache sites. is really annoying at the moment, but the new design is going to make it much better.