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Spycyroll has been pretty much dead after arrival :-) Today, I got some time to mess with the source to add quick templating using XYAPTU. I need to figure out how to check it in - now, the code is a collection of Python and shell scripts (some things are just too easy in Shell).

Summary of results are below.

  1. Aggregation is now categorized. Groove, Oracle, Python, Malayalis, Project Management and Tech Gurus. Of these, I’ll probably remove Python, since and Richard Jones already aggregates it.
  2. Each category is rolled up to my main feeds page.
  3. Main feed and each category provides OPML of subscriptions and RSS2 output too.
  4. Updated the libraries to use latest version of Mark Pilgrim’s FeedParser.
  5. Feed collection and output generation are split into two parts.
  6. If you would like to add RSS to your newsreader, go ahead. I usually update the feeds once or twice every day. This is done manually at the moment.

    I’ll probably not get another chance to mess with this for 2 months.