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A new release of Inguma
Wow it's been a while since I had the chance to write blog entries. Business has really taken off and all my spare time is devoted to that at the moment, work, some admin, proposals, accounting...... Whilst this site is....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 22/03/08 At 08:00 PM
Slides from Pete Finnigan Oracle Security webinar available
This afternoon UK time, Morning time states side I gave a 45 minute webinar with Sentrigo around the subject of Oracle security, particularly around the issues with auditing, hacking and securing an Oracle database. I started out with a 10....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 28/03/08 At 08:56 PM
Oracle Security Back to basics slides available
I presented at the Back to basics event organised by the UKOUG in the Paddington area of London. The event was very well attended and was hosted by Lisa Dobson. Tom Kyte, myself, Jonathan Lewis and Julian Dyke all presented....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 29/02/08 At 05:41 PM
Oracle security audit training in the Netherlands with Pete Finnigan
Oracle Security training in the Netherlands I will provide a training course in Oracle Security on April 16/17 with a Dutch Oracle training company, Transfer Solutions ( ). This is my how to perform an Oracle security audit training....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 14/03/08 At 02:14 PM
Speaking events, SQL Hashes and clever password crackers
I have managed, last week to update my speaking events list on my sites home page to include all the presentations I will be giving over the next couple of months. I am speaking this Thursday at the UKOUG back....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 25/02/08 At 09:49 PM
Oracle Defending Against SQL Injection Tutorial
I posted yesterday about Mary Ann's post that mentioned the internal Oracle Security coding standards and Kris made a post to my blog about a very nice Oracle Corp tutorial (really a CBT) called Defending Against SQL Injection Attacks. This....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 14/02/08 At 09:18 PM
Pete Finnigan is doing a live webinar on Oracle Security March 28th
I will be doing a live webinar on Oracle Security on March 28th in conjunction with Sentrigo. This is free and you can be registered at this link for this event. The webinar is based on my 2 hour Oracle....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 15/03/08 At 08:35 PM
Long to Varchar2 conversion....
<code>Hi, Thanks for your earlier responses.... See, i have one more problem, like i want to retrive the first 4000 characters of the long datatype, with out using the pl sql code. i just wrote a function like // create or replace func...
Query to obtain pagination links
Hi Tom, I am trying to formulate a SQL query to obtain a pagination links to display "By Name" in alphabetically. The page limit being 200 records. E.g A - L | M - S | T - Z Authors starting char "A" to "L" are less than( ~ 200 like 190 ...
Hierarchical query
<code>Hi: I have hierarchical query where i would like to know all parents, grand parents, their parents etc. i.e. as connect by value is changing i would like to know. I know in 9i we have sys_connect_by_path but i need that functionality in 8.1.7...
how to use dbms_stats.gather_databse_stats
<code>Tom: i try to use dbms_stats to give me a report of what statistics is missing, what i do is: declare a dbms_stats.objecttab; begin dbms_stats.gather_database_stats(OPTIONS=>'LIST EMPTY',OBJLIST=>a); end; after that how can i know ...
Number of rows/block limitation
Tom, Does Oracle have a "max number of rows per block" limit such as DB2's 255 row limit? I cannot find this explicitly in any of the documentation (I have looked). I'm asking this supposing that x number of rows would actually fit in a block, pct...
A Custom Error Handling System
<code>Hi Tom, I am in the process of designing an error handling and failure notification system for use by our all our custom PL/SQL programs. My plan is that all our custom PL/SQL programs, in the case of a fatal error, will call a single error...
A tool for data inflation for volume tests
<code>Hi, Are you aware of any good tool ( Oracle's, third party ) - that can artificialy inflate a small amount of data intelligently - so we can perform volume tests when we do not have a large volume yet ? this is a very common situation wit...
paging through results on the web.
<code>I have a Search field in my form. When my user enters a value in the Search field, I want to display the first 10 rows which match the query, then the next 10..and so on. I will give him 2 button (Previous 10 & Next 10) options. How do I ...
Undo Tablespace Blocksize
Tom, With the support of multiple block size in a database, how does a single UNDO tablespace store the before-images of data blocks from tablespaces with different blocksizes? Is there any performance impact on this? Thanks, Jay
sqlplus hangs and takes for ever to do this
<code>Tom These days Iam facing a huge problem which is wasting a lot of mytime. I have this table t , which has a million records. For my work, I need to keep checking the number of total records , many number of times in a day. when I d...
A Very Personal Hedgehog Revisited
It's more than 4 years since I posted one of the most popular entries at AgileManagement.Net, Personal Hedgehog Concept. I was challenged by a reader comment to give my own take on the Personal Hedgehog idea and how I was working on it. I've given a full reply over at our new corporate blog at Modus Cooperandi. It's appropriate because it is indeed the formation of Modus Cooperandi that represents the realization of my own Personal Hedgehog Concept. I'll be...
A Failure Tolerant Culture Leads to Success
The Great Britain cycling team has just won an unprecedented 9 gold medals at the World Track Championships, held this year in Manchester, England. While home advantage might count for something, this article on BBC News is telling. Director of Performance, David Brailsford is clearly a leader who understand the importance of the W. Edwards Deming principle of first you drive out fear (point 8 of his 14 Points of Management). Brailsford puts his failure tolerant attitude at the top...
APLN Fridays
Recently, I've come to realize that I don't make enough out of my contribution to the APLN and the community contribution I make through it and this blog. I've added my APLN Board Membership to my resume and my LinkedIn Profile. I've also decided to dedicate every Friday, when I'm not working with clients, that is, every Friday that I'm in my office in Seattle, to APLN related work. Currently, that means planning the forthcoming APLN Leadership Summit in Seattle....
An Open Source Digital Kanban Board for TFS
I'm sure more than a few of my readers will be interested in this. Martin Hinshelwood has started a project to deliver an open source Kanban UI for Team Foundation Server, similar to the one that Darren Davis created at Corbis. I'd like to give Martin every encouragement with this effort. Why not leave him an encouraging comment?... Related Posts: Digital Whiteboard Experiment, Return of the Sticky Buddy, Do you have your Sticky Buddy?
Announcing Modus Cooperandi
26 years ago I started my first business working with 3 school friends developing and selling computer games for the Sinclair ZX81 computer. It's amazing to think that it is almost 20 years since I ran my own business and could call myself an entrepreneur. Well I'm finally getting back to my roots. And again it is with 3 friends whom I've known and worked with for several years, Jim Benson, Corey Ladas and Daniel Vacanti. Together we have just...
Kanban and Real Options in Dallas
Feb 22nd is the next chance to see me present the kanban approach to software engineering, at the APLN Leadership Summit in Dallas. Chris Matts is presenting Real Options on the same morning and this is great opportunity to see us both on the same day and understand how kanban and real options combine as a very powerful solution for scheduling and prioritization for optimal value delivery. Please support the APLN by signing up for the conference and coming along...
Purging the Kanban Backlog
One of the PM's in our office calls it a "clean out." From time to time you should purge your kanban backlog to keep it fresh and relevant. The backlog is either a set of requirements for a project or program or a set of change requests for a sustaining engineering effort. There will always be new backlog incoming as the business changes and people have new ideas. Depending on this incoming rate compared to throughput of software delivery, the...
Enterprise Scale Continuous Integration
Back in January when I spoke at the OOP conference in Munich, I described how I didn't believe that continuous integration scaled to enterprise level. Indeed, we hadn't managed to make it work. What we were doing was taking a more Lean approach to integration - little and often - and moving to fewer codelines. We were achieving this by implementing latent code patterns that enabled several projects to live in the same environment and avoid the problem of new...
Bugs and Kanban
Corey Ladas takes a look at two ways to treat bugs in a kanban system. The second option is the more challenging. It requires patient courageous management. My feeling is that option 2 will produce the net higher velocity (and throughput) in the long term because it teaches the team to really focus down on prevention of bugs while option 1 treats bugs as part and parcel of the business of software development. While option 1 will suffer a throughput...
The Chinese view of India
In San Francisco, the only North American city hosting the torch, officials shortened the April 9 route through the city and have abbreviated the ceremonies. Mayor Gavin Newsom has said no one will be prevented from expressing his views, but permits are required to gather near the torch.[Drama as torch arrival set for Tiananmen, though protests not expected]The Chinese Ambassador to United States did not summon Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco to his office at 2 A.M. Instead the...


Call for curbs on Antarctic ships
Campaigners call for restrictions on ships in Antarctic waters to preserve the local environment.


Cities switch off for environment
Cities around the world, starting with Sydney, switch off the lights for an hour to highlight climate change.
Space freighter's approach and go
Europe's "Jules Verne" freighter demonstrates its navigation capabilities close to the International Space Station.
Dan Solove on Reputation
Clifford Thomson sent me a link to a talk Dan Solove gave at Google on his new book The Future of Reputation. I interviewed Dan on Technometria a while back about his earlier book The Digital Person. Dan's a very interesting speaker and raises important issues in his books and in this video. This is well worth watching if you're interested in the intersection of privacy and reputation in the Internet age. Tags: itconversations reputation identity video privacy
Update Your RSS Feed URL for IT Conversations!
One of the consequences of IT Conversations leaving Gigavox Media and returning to the Conversations Network fold is that eventually we needed to remove 'gigavox' from the feed name. Unfortunately, Feedburner will only forward a feed for 30 days and many RSS readers don't seem process permanent redirects well (change the URL permanently, not just follow it). As a result, you might not be seeing updated IT Conversations shows in your favorite podcatcher. So, take a few minutes and make...


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'Stranglehold' on science funding
Science and innovation is being stifled by the government, says shadow chancellor George Osborne.
Wordpress blog hack rampage
I received an abnormal high number of signals and messages from people abandoning their Wordpress blogs, because of their hacks, just like...>
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Oldest recorded voices sing again
An "ethereal" 10 second clip of a French folk song has been played for the first time in 150 years.


Download Oracle Clusterware for Linux
Oracle Unbreakable Linux support customers at the Basic and Premier support levels can download and deploy Oracle Clusterware at no additional license fee or support cost.
UK and France hold nuclear talks
Gordon Brown announces plans to strengthen Britain's ties with France at a summit with Nicolas Sarkozy.
Cluster computing, with large data, for the classroom
This week’s Perspectives is a two-parter: an interview and companion screencast on the topic of cluster computing in the classroom. The interview is with Kyril Faenov, the General Manager of the Windows HPC (high performance computing) unit, and the screencast is with Rich Ciapala, a program manager for Microsoft HPC++ Labs. The project demonstrated in the screencast, and discussed in the interview, is called CompFin Lab. It’s a system that enables professors to in turn enable their students to run...
Silicon chips stretch into shape
Normally fragile and brittle silicon microchips are made to bend and fold by scientists in the US.
Crusaders 'left genetic legacy'
Scientists have detected the faint genetic traces left by medieval crusaders in the Middle East.
Warning on plastic's toxic threat
Plastic waste in the oceans may pose a devastating long-term toxic threat to the food chain.
Slideshows on IT Conversations!
Yesterday I posted Jane McGonigal's talk from ETech 2007 on creating alternate realities. This is the first show on IT Conversations that features our new slideshow tool for playing audio sync'd with the slides. For some talks this can make a real difference in the quality since they rely on the visuals so much. In the past we've sometimes not published good content because it relied too much on the slides. No more! Check it out and let us know...


Shuttle touches down in Florida
The US space shuttle Endeavour lands in Florida after a record mission to the International Space Station.
Is it Tuesday Already?
Today was running the Pink dolphins use sticks and stones to impress the ladies story just as I was drifting up towards conscience this morning. My first thought was that it was all part of some weird dream. I mean, pink dolphins? What was I drinking last night? Once I was sure I was really sure that I was hearing what I was hearing, I got all confused about the date. Tuesday already? Where did the weekend go? Please, Today,...
How Many Projects Are You Managing?
I gave a talk at a local ICCA chapter last night, and met a project manager who told me he was managing 7 projects. I must have lost my poker face, because he chuckled and said, “Well, you do what you can with that many projects.” You do. And I don’t buy that you’re actually managing them, or more than one of them. Sure, you might be doing damage control, or helping people see that they have a disaster. But...
Revisiting the InfoWorld metadata explorer
A while ago I wrote an alternative search and navigation interface to The search is broken now because the underlying engine switched from Ultraseek to Google, and nobody has updated the search wrapper. But the navigation piece still works, and while it does, I want to invite some commentary because I’m thinking of doing something similar for another project. In this model the navigation is metadata-driven, and supports views like: InfoWorld stories tagged ‘Silverlight’ InfoWorld news stories tagged ‘Silverlight’...
Biggest UK space impact found
Ullapool? Funny - I thought it would have been Birmingham. That's the biggest hole I know of...
Camille in London
Camille in London - I do not want to miss this. Camille is fabulous. I think I'm in love: Anyone else up for it?
Smoke and Mirrors
This old post of mine has an old-style Guardian URL in one of its comments. Click on it, and you'll end up at a new style URL. Not much to see, I'll admit, but I'm pleased - Matt and I made that happen.