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A new release of Inguma
Wow it's been a while since I had the chance to write blog entries. Business has really taken off and all my spare time is devoted to that at the moment, work, some admin, proposals, accounting...... Whilst this site is....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 22/03/08 At 08:00 PM
Slides from Pete Finnigan Oracle Security webinar available
This afternoon UK time, Morning time states side I gave a 45 minute webinar with Sentrigo around the subject of Oracle security, particularly around the issues with auditing, hacking and securing an Oracle database. I started out with a 10....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 28/03/08 At 08:56 PM
Oracle Security Back to basics slides available
I presented at the Back to basics event organised by the UKOUG in the Paddington area of London. The event was very well attended and was hosted by Lisa Dobson. Tom Kyte, myself, Jonathan Lewis and Julian Dyke all presented....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 29/02/08 At 05:41 PM
Oracle security audit training in the Netherlands with Pete Finnigan
Oracle Security training in the Netherlands I will provide a training course in Oracle Security on April 16/17 with a Dutch Oracle training company, Transfer Solutions ( ). This is my how to perform an Oracle security audit training....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 14/03/08 At 02:14 PM
Speaking events, SQL Hashes and clever password crackers
I have managed, last week to update my speaking events list on my sites home page to include all the presentations I will be giving over the next couple of months. I am speaking this Thursday at the UKOUG back....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 25/02/08 At 09:49 PM
Oracle Defending Against SQL Injection Tutorial
I posted yesterday about Mary Ann's post that mentioned the internal Oracle Security coding standards and Kris made a post to my blog about a very nice Oracle Corp tutorial (really a CBT) called Defending Against SQL Injection Attacks. This....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 14/02/08 At 09:18 PM
Pete Finnigan is doing a live webinar on Oracle Security March 28th
I will be doing a live webinar on Oracle Security on March 28th in conjunction with Sentrigo. This is free and you can be registered at this link for this event. The webinar is based on my 2 hour Oracle....[Read More] Posted by Pete On 15/03/08 At 08:35 PM
Long to Varchar2 conversion....
<code>Hi, Thanks for your earlier responses.... See, i have one more problem, like i want to retrive the first 4000 characters of the long datatype, with out using the pl sql code. i just wrote a function like // create or replace func...
Query to obtain pagination links
Hi Tom, I am trying to formulate a SQL query to obtain a pagination links to display "By Name" in alphabetically. The page limit being 200 records. E.g A - L | M - S | T - Z Authors starting char "A" to "L" are less than( ~ 200 like 190 ...
Hierarchical query
<code>Hi: I have hierarchical query where i would like to know all parents, grand parents, their parents etc. i.e. as connect by value is changing i would like to know. I know in 9i we have sys_connect_by_path but i need that functionality in 8.1.7...
how to use dbms_stats.gather_databse_stats
<code>Tom: i try to use dbms_stats to give me a report of what statistics is missing, what i do is: declare a dbms_stats.objecttab; begin dbms_stats.gather_database_stats(OPTIONS=>'LIST EMPTY',OBJLIST=>a); end; after that how can i know ...
Number of rows/block limitation
Tom, Does Oracle have a "max number of rows per block" limit such as DB2's 255 row limit? I cannot find this explicitly in any of the documentation (I have looked). I'm asking this supposing that x number of rows would actually fit in a block, pct...
A Custom Error Handling System
<code>Hi Tom, I am in the process of designing an error handling and failure notification system for use by our all our custom PL/SQL programs. My plan is that all our custom PL/SQL programs, in the case of a fatal error, will call a single error...
A tool for data inflation for volume tests
<code>Hi, Are you aware of any good tool ( Oracle's, third party ) - that can artificialy inflate a small amount of data intelligently - so we can perform volume tests when we do not have a large volume yet ? this is a very common situation wit...
paging through results on the web.
<code>I have a Search field in my form. When my user enters a value in the Search field, I want to display the first 10 rows which match the query, then the next 10..and so on. I will give him 2 button (Previous 10 & Next 10) options. How do I ...
Undo Tablespace Blocksize
Tom, With the support of multiple block size in a database, how does a single UNDO tablespace store the before-images of data blocks from tablespaces with different blocksizes? Is there any performance impact on this? Thanks, Jay
sqlplus hangs and takes for ever to do this
<code>Tom These days Iam facing a huge problem which is wasting a lot of mytime. I have this table t , which has a million records. For my work, I need to keep checking the number of total records , many number of times in a day. when I d...


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Wordpress blog hack rampage
I received an abnormal high number of signals and messages from people abandoning their Wordpress blogs, because of their hacks, just like...>
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Download Oracle Clusterware for Linux
Oracle Unbreakable Linux support customers at the Basic and Premier support levels can download and deploy Oracle Clusterware at no additional license fee or support cost.


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  • Introduction to Grails Development
    Learn how to build a simple Grails app using Oracle JDeveloper as your IDE, from Oracle ACE Director (Oracle Fusion Middleware) Harshad Oak.


    Oracle Financials Technical Interview Questions and Score Sheet
    Over the last few years I’ve been involved in interviewing a number of Oracle Financials Consultants and have also in the past been sitting on the other side of the desk as an interviewee. The last time I conducted an interview it was more technical in nature and I decided to came up with a list of questions to ask the interviewee. These questions were focused along the lines of people, process and technology and I thought I would write...


    Invoice Processing in a Service-Oriented Environment
    Explore a process integration scenario implemented using Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, step by step.