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Cherry Blossoms

Short note and photos from an afternoon trip to the Tidal Basin, Washington DC.

As is the habit of pretty much everyone in this region this weekend, my wife and I went to Washington DC to see the National Cherry Blossom Festival. I don’t know what the current threat level color is, but the crowd around the Tidal Basin was simply huge. Too much for our taste. We just spent half an hour there and clicked some photos.

2003 National Cherry Blossom Festival

The weather was quite sunny today, though cold. Last year, we got there at 7am and barely got a parking spot. This year, we decided to go after lunch and took metro. On weekends, parking is free at East Falls Church metro. Got down at Smithsonian station after a 20 minutes metro ride. Parking used to be a big damper on plans to tour DC. Now onwards , we’re going to ride metro and enjoy this city in the coming weekends.

The whole train emptied out and 90% of the crowd started walking towards Tidal Basin. There were police men all around. Quite a few were eyeing my brown skin and black beard :-)

The flowers were a bit off-color, unlike last year. I guess rains last week did the damage. It still might look nice for three or four days. Check out The Washingtonpost Guide for more information.

TODO: Visit US National Arboretum.