National Cherryblossom Festival, 2003

We went to DC on April 06 for this year's Cherryblossom festival. The weather was really good, but the blossoms were a bit off-color. Perhaps because of the rains during the last couple of days.

Slideshow - better for slow connection

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During the walk from Smithsonian Metro.


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Had plenty of time while crossing the streets among the huge crowd.


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What a crowd! Got few good spots though.

Tidal Basin

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Need to rent a boat once.

Boating in Tidal Basin

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Hmmm... This is not as bad as I thought.

Looking up!

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The flowers are already getting brownish.

Tidal Basin

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The flowers are already getting brownish.

Tidal Basin

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It is quite hard to get her to stand alone for a photo.


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Ok, she was a bit more prepared this time.


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The guy who maintains these pages.


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Repeat - need to get a boat one of these days.

Tidal Basin

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Too sunny a day.


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I need 1) sleep and 2) a hair cut.


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That should make a nice name for a rock band.

Clouds 'n Blossoms

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You can see this from anywhere in DC.


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This tree looked quite nice.

Full bloom!

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Nice shot.

Jefferson Memorial

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Minus the cherry blossoms.

Jefferson Memorial

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This one got an aircraft too!

Jefferson Memorial

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What is she grinning about?


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Too much crowd around.

Walk back!

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How tall is it?


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Defying gravity? Or artistic sensibility?

American Holocaust Museum

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The top of the monument got chopped off.

Tharunya and Monument

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And this was not in DC! It was right outside our Metro station.

The Best!