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Plone roles on

Plone is getting more polished by the day.

I’ve not been tracking Plone development for a while - an year to be exact. Recently, I got a mail from Plone team that demo accounts can be had at I registered myself and checked out some of the installed products.

It rocks!

They have nicely integrated mxTidy and strip-o-gram to my old Visual Editor code - also, cleaned it up, refactored it and make it an add-on to Plone as CMFVisualEditor. Luc Stepniewski made some much needed enhancements to my editor too. May be I should update the Zope editor to have same features as the PHP version too.

There are several other nice add-ons at CMFCollective project and Ingeniweb.

Of late, I’ve been getting sick of programming things for the web. These angle brackets are not helping my right hand, already tortured by carpal-tunnel syndrome. So, working on editor stuff might not be there in the near future. But, I get 3-4 mails every month from people interested in that. Dilemma!

Coming back to Plone, I’m thinking of using Plone/Zope as a solution for file sharing. With Plone, users can get much more than normal file sharing. Question I need to ponder about - "what will happen to Plone, when Zope 3 comes out?". Alan Runyan and Limi must have thought about this, but I still don’t know enough Zope 3 to analyze how easy/tough that will be.

  1. Hi there --

    I'm the guy who integrated Tidy and Strip-O-Gram into your editor (which kicks butt, by the way). I hear that Mozilla now supports similar HTML editing facilities. Is there any chance that you'll be adding Mozilla support?


    Posted by: Geoff Davis on April 2, 2003 08:02 PM
  2. #1 - With my current commitments, it is very unlikely that I get time to work on this.

    Mozilla support (I think the editor will have to be completely re-written) had been in my mind for some time since I use Linux at home 95% of the time.

    Posted by: Babu on April 3, 2003 05:57 AM