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Interview with Ploners interviews Limi and Runyan. Interview: “ In October O'Reilly Network and OSDir held a contest where our readers could vote from a number of open source projects to send six to Comdex as representatives of the open source community. Surprisingly one of the least known came out on top of the list over other popular projects like Eclipse, OpenOffice, KDE and Gnome. At least it was a surprise to us. I’ve followed up with Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan of the Plone project to find out a bit more about this darkhorse, and why it was so popular.”

My favourite quote, by Alex Runyan:

“Almost all developers (immigrants) we get are Java developers who are wanting a quick path to victory.”

By immigrants, he means developers from other technology background; not immigrants to US or any other country.

I suppose there is still hope! Perhaps smart IT managers are realizing that writing thousands of lines of Java/.NET code is not a measure of success; but benefits provided is the real measure. Time to develop is a real benefit. Time to change things is a real benefit. Using buzz word filled technology and theoretically perfect OO code can only earn (or save) so much money :-)

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    Posted by: Dhanesh on May 5, 2004 11:28 AM