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WC2003 is over

Finally. Aussies got the cup in a perfect performance.

Aussies beat India pretty convincingly. I couldn’t see this match since I planned my vacation only till Super-Six stage - because I was sure India wouldn’t get past Super-Six. The match was shown in a local theater in Virginia, but I couldn’t get up at mid-night and spend 8 hours in a theater. Watching cricket at the comfort of home is OK, but in a crowded theater? No, thank you.

I don’t have much to say about the final. Aussies played excellent cricket. Indian bowlers, who have been on a roll so far against lesser oppositions, couldn’t handle the pressure at all. Funny thing was that, till about Kaif got out, I thought India still had a chance - they certainly were not going about it as if the match was already lost. I’ve not seen this kind of fighting spirit in an Indian team since Kapil’s team of 1983.

Quick summary

The Good

  1. Saurav Ganguly’s support for youngsters. He may not be the most cunning captain out there, but he certainly is the best lead-by-supporing guy. This, in such a diverse team as India, is not an easy task.
  2. Sachin Tendulkar’s batting.
  3. Shane Bond’s bowling. He may not be the fastest out there, but it is a pleasure to watch him. Barry Richards thinks Brett Lee is the most exciting. I disagree completely.
  4. Quality wrist spinners - Hogg and Collins Obuya. I liked Hogg’s bowling more than Shane Warne’s.

The Bad

  1. TV Commercials whenever players get to breath.
  2. Duckworth/Lewis system. Just reserve one more day and play the damn game!
  3. Anything related to math, invented or processed in South Africa:-)

The Ugly

  1. For me, the single most disturbing factor in this cup (or in cricket these days) was the fact that Muralitharan, Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee got away - and got kudos - for obviously suspect bowling actions. Birth defect or visual aberration, it makes the game suck.
  2. Kenya not getting test status.
  3. Everywhere you look in India, people are completely immersed in cricket. That is not at all good.