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Software engineering for everyone

Written on 4/4/2001, but very true then, now and for a long time in the future.

Dennis E. Hamilton: “Learning to program is easier than ever before with excellent, freely available tools like Python and a community of contributors willing to help newcomers. However, most employers want more than just programmers, they want software engineers. It takes consistent discipline to deliver complex systems into an imperfect world. ”

“The elements that help software engineers win at their game can help you. You can develop engineering discipline as you go about learning the craft of programming by keeping in mind three elements of engineering discipline: predictability, collegiality, and accountability. ”

Note to self: I’ve been cleaning up code and fixing things for so long that I don’t get much of a chance these days at work to engineer solutions. Being a fixer upper becomes boring at time - so find interesting engineering projects to do at home and make these solutions.