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Blair blames Indian Firms?

For Queen, Country and Uncle Sam, no doubt. Pathetic.

Indian firms helped Iraqi missile programme: Blair “Stating that Iraq has "military plans" for the use of chemical and biological weapons even against its own population and that it is able and willing to deploy some of its deadliest weapons in under an hour from the order, Britain on Tuesday alleged that Baghdad had obtained some key ingredients from some Indian companies.”

I usually don’t like to get write about international politics. But all this talk about how the current leaders of USA and UK are absolutely on moral high ground on "regime change", "getting rid of Saddam Hussein", "Schroeder is harming transatlantic harmony", "axis of evil" etc. are really beginning to get annoying.

Mr.Blair and Mr.Bush would do well to remember that during Iran-Iraq war, the governments at the time armed Hussein (and the Mujaheddin’s in Afghanistan) for short term goals. If these has come back to bite them, then it should be an avenue for some soul searching. Trying to find what other nations are to blame doesn’t work always.

My view points on this: