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No spin; or only spin?

The opinion shows on American TV is probably the cause of high blood pressure.

Last thursday I watched The O'Reilly Factor. This is the first time I watched the guy; there was an interesting topic in which he asked questions to a lady -- I can’t recall what her role was. The topic is below:

And later, it’s time for "Gay Family Days" at Disney’s U.S. theme parks. And thousands are expected to join in the festivities. But is a family theme park the appropriate place for a sexual stand?

His questions went like this:

“Do you think it is appropriate for families to be confronted by gays, when they come to Disney for a family vacation?” The lady --rightly so, in my opinion-- suggested that confronted is probably an inaccurate choice of word. To which, Mr. O'Reilly shouts back explaining that his program is a no spin zone.

Oh really?

After 6 years in US, I still can’t understand why there is such a big issue about people’s personal preferences. Perhaps it is not even a preference; people are born with different orientations. I don’t know and I don’t care. People are people. It is their business, not mine.

I underlined the word confronted above and thought that was a stupid choice of word. Doesn’t it suggest that gays were up in arms to completely offend sweet American families? May be, according to Mr. O'Reilly, a "proper" American family will be threatened at the mere sight of gays? If so, there is something seriously wrong with the way kids are brought up here. Perhaps they should be taught to see people as human beings first and foremost; and then look for difference in opinions and preferences.

Anyway, I think it is making mountains out of molehills. To be fair, I don’t see why one needs to advertise a "Gay Family Day" either. Gay or straight, you go to a theme park to enjoy -- why don’t everyone stick to that?

Coincidence or not, the fortune cookie I got next time I logged in to my Linux machine stated:

“One man’s morality is another man’s belly laughter.”

I suppose geeks figured it out pretty well!

  1. If Texas can execute the retarded , How did George W Bush get away ?

    Posted by: Russ Sacco on October 30, 2004 08:22 PM