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Thursday Sarcasm

Just a little bit of random thoughts after watching news today.

What a day to end the day! Came back from work and checked the news. Quite a bit going around, some good enough to opine.

Supreme courts strikes down Texas Sodomy Law

CNN Coverage. In short, Supreme Court decided state has no business meddling with the private lives of consenting adults. I think the Court is right. Court's business is not in dealing with morality - one man's morality is another man's belly laughter. Other arguments against this ruling revolves around public health and safety. If those arguments are listened to, smoking should be banned as well.

Frankly, why should anyone care? I'm not gay. I hardly ever think about the sexual orientation of whoever I'm talking to. If a society can't support a human being's privacy and independence, I think it has bigger problems than shouting about so-called moralities. Individuals should've freedom to express their will, as long as that act does not deny other's rights.

Update - I'm probably missing something here. “While it may feel good to some that a stigma is lifted from a particular group, something else has been lifted - the boundaries that prevent sexual chaos in our culture. In recent years we have seen a sharp rise in unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and heartbreak of every kind.” Pregnancies - let us ignore the unwanted part - for same sex relations?

Bush committed to ending Kashmir conflict “US President George W Bush has committed America's influence to alleviating, and where possible, ending 'destructive' regional conflicts from the Middle East to Kashmir to the Congo and beyond, Bush's National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday.”

Hmmm… May be next year Indians will wake up to newspaper boys being escorted by GIs in New Delhi? Civilian governor ruling from Red Fort? I'm skeptical.

Most of the conflicts in the world seem to have started (or is worsening) with unnecessary and often perceived as unfair intervention by self-styled policemen.

Condoleezza Rice: “If we and the people of the Middle East are not bold enough today, we face a future in which the freedom deficit continues to create ideologies of hatred that threaten civilisation as we know it.”

Good words. Promoting democracy in Saudi Arabia should prove rest of the world about being bold. Anybody to walk the talk?

Army Signs $471,000,000 Deal for Microsoft Software

Slashdot discussion: The discussion on Slashdot is very long. Long enough to have very little to add here.

  1. Ah, yes. "Sexual chaos." Have to watch out for that. Before you know it, people from different races will be...

    I'm sorry?

    They're what!?!

    Posted by: George on June 26, 2003 09:42 PM