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Access Intranet without VPN

Great software, great developer, perfect solution.

While working from home, I connect to my office network via VPN. Since VPN needs special software to be installed in the client PC, this is not an option when you are travelling and want to access intranet from cyber cafés. One option you can use is to setup a URL rewriting proxy in your DMZ. This will atleast open up your intranet web pages to the outside world.

Richard Goerwitz has authored a paper, Secure, From-Anywhere Access to the Intranet that details how this can be done. Richard has developed an open source software, libproxy, that implements his ideas.

It is excellent software. Perfect solution for providing fast, secure, open source and reasonably priced - actually, you can download it and try it out for yourself - software that will make travelling and remote staff lot more happy.

Libproxy is written using Perl and even I (with all my misgivings about writing Perl code) could understand the code. I had the pleasure of meeting with Richard twice in the last 3 years and he is an amazing person to talk to - though I’ve not had much chance to keep in touch with him.

This is why I like Google. I was searching for documentation related to writing an authentication plugin for Squid proxy and came across Richard’s site.

  1. Update: IBM dW has an article on using Apache reverse proxy server for similar purposes.

    Posted by: Babu on July 9, 2003 11:27 PM