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How to make IT an honorable profession? “Raising the public level of trust in web professionals.”

“ Every client you get now has been burned at least once by some unqualified, over-charging, over-promising under-delivering fly-by-night, or simply their web guys went out of business leaving them floundering in the ether at the mercy of Network Solutions and a fax number. Hell, I’ve practically been burned by myself in all the confusion.”

Yes, ethics is IT needs much more than anything else. Especially in the web area. I’ve actually seen 18 people charging $200 per hour to create 18 HTML pages and assorted graphics - and they took 3 months. This, I believe is more shameful than the practices of automobile merchants.

  1. Mr. Satish, u have done a good job. I really appriciate u on the u done.

    Basically I'm from Hyderabad and now working in Riyadh, KSA as a Web Developer.

    I could need ur help to improve my skills.

    Hope u will mail me back

    take care


    Posted by: shaikh afzal on March 3, 2003 04:06 AM