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Perl for Oracle

Some nice modules and scripts for using Oracle from Perl.

The Fusion of Perl and Oracle - Andy Duncan explores how Oracle can be tamed using Perl. Andy’s Book on Perl for Oracle DBAs looks pretty good looking at the table of contents and the sample chapter.

Download the toolkit - I had trouble finding this link, reading the article.

Several scripts are very good. Creative DBAs should be able to get pretty much all their job done by making additional scripts and setting up proper CRON entries. That is the part I like about being a DBA or system administrator. A good one works very hard for first 3 months and then has lots of free time. In the first 3 months, s/he:

  1. Makes existing systems stable
  2. Keeps failover systems ready
  3. Writes and sets up tasks to automate most of the work

Hopefully their managers are smart enough to leave these guys free. A relaxed system admin can typically get on managers' nerves and managers will soon start thinking - "Why I’m I paying for this person? S/he seems to be doing nothing!"

You might also want to check out Unit testing framework for PL/SQL. I liked it. And it certainly is more useful than seeing dbms_output.put_line all over the code.

How can I get motivated enough to make a Python for Oracle set of scripts? :-)