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Confused? It is about Oracle.

I downloaded Oracle Raptor early adopter release. Nice idea. Stripped down jDeveloper, for accessing and working on Oracle DBs. I used to use free version of TOAD some years back -- with Raptor, I don’t miss TOAD anymore. Raptor is better than any of the free Eclipse plugins or free JDBC based offerings.

Project Raptor has nice UI for browsing data, editing data, explain plan for SQL and for exporting query output. It also comes with good reports for DB administration. You can add your own reports too. Additionally, it has good support for PL/SQL development.

Of course, if you are serious about Oracle, you should use SQL*Plus (not the silly Windows version, but the command line version). With some nifty customization and some scripts you can be more productive than any of the graphical tools -- except when you need to insert or update data. I used to really love SQL*Plus when run from ied on HP-UX.