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This time, it is the turn of business processes to use XML.

Now that XML is the latest thing, different *ML languages seem to pop up on a daily basis. Here’s one for Business Process Modelling. Apparently, my previous employer is a pioneer in this field.

I’m getting a bick turned off by this proliferation of *MLs. For some really weird day dreaming, read below.

Good intentions, but the goals are a bit dreamy and at the moment, not very practical. Most businesses run precisely because of the lack of processes. Once you have processes, more often than not, it cuts innovation in half. It also might cause people withdrawing to their comfort-zones - “I do this part in the process. So, that is all what I want to think about”.

Let me get this straight, I’m all for processes. Implementation of a process oriented culture is the tricky part. If you have control freaks in every point in the process, your process will be pretty much the only thing that will be left standing.

Side note

I’m wondering if I should go and register a non-profit organization for TBPIL - a new "standard" language for interfacing toothbrush to toothpaste. With embedded Java (cross platform, scalable...) in the brush and toothpaste tube, implementing this dialect, you can easily verify how much is your paste consumption for different brands of brush; and vice versa.

By sticking the brush into a USB port, you can synch the data with Outlook or Excel. Perhaps Sony will come up with a Memory Stick TM enhanced version for toothbrush that will store all your dental records and transmit it regularly to your dentist.

It will also flash warning lights if your room mate or spouse accidentally dropped your brush into the toilet bowl. Honda might be interested in interfacing its robot with this, so that the robot will in turn drop their toothbrush into toilet bowl.

Radio Userland will probably start supporting an auto-blogging feature that will enter a blog entry every time you brush your tooth.

Didn’t you know that with XML, possibilities are endless?