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Toothbrush and analysis

I'm wondering this morning on how innovative can a toothbrush be.

When I was watching TV yesterday night, a thought came to me and I realised how blessed this life was.

One thing I find most annoying is having to read through tons and tons of paper reports prepared by consulting companies. Usual rule of thumb is, bigger the company, thicker the report and thinner the useful content. Remember "why did the chicken cross the road", right?

But, ever wondered what would happen if the folks who make ads for toothbrush were to get into consulting business?

A toothbrush is such a small thing with zero technology and near-zero scope for innovation. It has only one intended use. Here is a sample of innovations that I remember:

  1. Coloured bristles: I simply fail to see how our teeth care for colours.
  2. Multi-sized bristles: Apparently, this works on the same principles as a key. The bristles match the innards of our teeth and hence can clean the most remote areas. All we have to do now is to standardize on the designs of our teeth. Perhaps if the recording industry is to take over toothbrush business, they will get a law passed making it mandatory to have standard size and shape for teeth.
  3. Multi-sized, multi-shaped bristles: It looks like Manhattan skyline, does one-up on the previous one. Apparently, the different shapes at the end are supposed to seek out the innards.
  4. Bent brush: A bend near the bristle-base enables it to reach the inner corners of your mouth.
  5. Flexible arm: It is straight, but a soft joint enables it to bend according to the way you want it to.
  6. Back brush: A swing-arm kind of mechanism that helps you to change the angle for - you guessed it - to reach the remote corners.
  7. Translucent brush: I forgot what was the great thing about this. I’m sure this was not called the “iBrush” though. Thank heavens.

Now that I think about it, software industry is similar. In 1995, 1998, 2000 and 2002 we heard about the "best version" of Windows ever. As far as I can see, all of these crash at regular rate and the only difference is cosmetic.

Now, the reality is that I never remember any of these things when I go to buy a toothbrush. I pick the one that is medium (softness rating), green in colour - 'coz my wife picks red and that is it. Same is the case with toothpaste. TV ads never come into mind when I’m in the shop.

Should I be thankful that we don’t get reports and presentations similar to these ads?

Or should I be thankful that the people who make such reports and presentations have not invaded the ad market - just think about how annoying it will be if the ads were 15 minutes long?

Side note: Funny thing with TV these days is that 90% of it is filled with reality shows, toothpaste, acme-cleansing stuff, sanitory napkins and soap.

  1. Have you ever thought about self medicating?

    Posted by: M Johnson on August 7, 2002 02:51 PM
  2. Why do you think these observations became observations in the first place? :-)

    Posted by: Babu on August 7, 2002 03:06 PM