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BCCI. Why?

Perhaps this entity is only there to provide material to gossip mongers and to get rich quickly.

Well, Sourav Ganguly has been dropped from the national cricket team. Most people seem to be of the opinion that this is an unfair decision by BCCI.

Personally, I’ve lost all the interest in Indian Cricket because of the way BCCI has been "controlling" cricket in India. Mohinder Amarnath evaluated our selectors pretty correctly long time back. Couple of weeks back, the whole drama was about politics on whether Mr. Pawar will win or not.

It is nauseating that on top of Indian politicians scheming wily stuff, we now have induced Australian flavour to politics as well. Of course, it is all for a better future.

Decision to drop India’s most successful captain so unceremoneously with no valid reason should have been your most satisfying underarm delivery; mate?