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SCM backed Blogging

Version controlled based static site generators

Around 2000, I had written a script to quickly generate a changelog that looks like a blog from a version control system. Recently, I was searching around for that and found that people have taken this concept and made Ikiwiki and Webber. Very slick and nice. Ikiwiki seems more mature, but I chose Webber - only because it is written using Python. It was pretty easy to set this up in Cygwin. I am seriously considering using this to keep a journal for my daily stuff. I don’t really need people to comment/rate my entries there and a good version control tool (been using Git for last 3 months after using Bazaar for 3 months before that) should satisfy my needs for a database. Further, I am thinking of automated scripts to pull down information from defect tracking tool, system monitors etc. to have an all encompassing view to the past system.