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US Modem in India

Does your modem from US complain about phone line being busy, in India?

On Windows XP on my Toshiba Satellite 1905-S301 laptop, here is what I had to do.

  1. Go to Control Panel - Phone and Modem Options.
  2. Click on Modems tab.
  3. Click on Properties button.
  4. Click on Advanced tab.
  5. Add ATX0 to the field Extra initialization commands:.
  6. Click OK as many times as is necessary to get back.

Now, you are ready to dial in.

In India, while dialling a number, you get some beeps in between. These are taken as line busy signal. ATX0 just asks modem to ignore warnings about line being busy. This is probably a bad idea if the line is really busy! Just look around to see if somebody else is using the phone if you’ve a shared phone connection :-)

This drove me nuts for a while. Apparently, there are some advantages of being a programmer who is not a Computer Science graduate in Engineering, but in Electronics and Communication.