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JDeveloper 10g - Look and Feel

How-to: Apply Kunststoff look-and-feel for JDeveloper 10g on Linux.

Though Oracle doesn’t support it, I tried out JDeveloper 10g on Linux. Rob Clevenger solved the font problem - I now have Bitstream Vera in its full glory.

A little bit digging around solved my other issues too.

I prefer using Kunststoff look and feel for Swing applications --well, if SWT is available, that will be the first choice. Turns out that it is easy to install it.

First, download the file from the site above. Then copy the jar file to ${JAVA_HOME}/jre/lib/ext. Now, go to your JDeveloper user directory. Edit the file settings.xml from the directory, system. Search for the element lafClass and put the value com.incors.plaf.kunststoff.KunststoffLookAndFeel. (Re)Start jDeveloper and you should see that new look and feel has been applied.

Another problem I had was with window decorations not being applied. Looks like this is only a problem in Metal or Metal derived look and feel. If I use Oracle or CDE/Motif scheme it works fine. Oracle look and feel is reasonably OK, but I _hate_ their scroll bars - it is almost like these have chicken pox :-( Another thing I don’t like about Oracle LF is that gray tone. I prefer something brighter - may be there is a way to change color-schemes.

  1. I tried this on my JDeveloper installation and it works! However, I also tried to set the laf to but this didn't work; it still shows the old Metal look-and-feel. Any ideas?

    Posted by: Bart on December 18, 2003 12:56 AM
  2. I use SWT, How can I set a look and fell ?

    Posted by: Gc00l on June 10, 2004 11:16 PM