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C# day 2

Notes from second day of going through C#

According to the instructor, who seems to be a Microsoft expert and a fan (in any case, he has plenty of computing experience from 1978 and genuinely seems to like Microsoft):


Other notable quotes.

In any case, I'm beginning to like C# a little better than Java. One thing C# has going for it is Visual Studio.Net. For desktop application building, I'm not sure any Java tool out there matches it.

Well, if you want to be at your productive best, to make desktop applications, use Python, VIM and PythonCard :-)

Note: These are simply my observations as a poor soul who gets to code in C#, Java and Python in an almost random manner. Net result is that I'm not able to concentrate on any one thing fully; so if you are a Guru in one of these languages and think I'm wrong, please be kind enough to point it out, gently!

  1. Yes, that point about MSBlast is absolutely spot on! Our network is still screwed over from the aftermath and it was virtually impossible to do any work last Thursday because of the rampant infections and network traffic.

    I was just glad I wasn't at work on Friday as well. And as for the Microsoft support - we'd all have been better off running Red Hat or some other brand of Linux. I wished I'd had my Knoppix CD with me, really.

    Posted by: Paul Boddie on August 21, 2003 05:27 AM
  2. "I wished I'd had my Knoppix CD with me, really." +1; I actually carry one around all the time :-) Just in case...

    Posted by: Babu on August 21, 2003 05:50 AM
  3. a.
    > Can call a function with named arguments like func(myname="Babu").

    I googled for an example of this but only came up with hits regarding Attributes.

    b. Is the date statement still valid after Python 2.3's date improvements?

    Posted by: DeanG on August 25, 2003 05:12 PM
  4. Function with named arguments: the C# docs are silent about this - may be they don't want us to use it? Anyway, this is a question I had and when I tried calling a function with named argument, it worked. I didn't try testing it with changing the order of arguments though. I find it useful to call methods with named arguments - especially if the argument list is more than 5.

    Date statement - for me, I think C#'s builtin Parse() method makes a bit better than Python 2.3's improvements :-)

    Posted by: Babu on August 26, 2003 05:44 AM