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Slashdot: Java vs .Net

Interesting (for a change) discussion on the subject, on Slashdot.

Slashdot discussion - this one has the usual flame war bit, but there are some *excellent* comments also.

I am mostly in agreement with following comments (except the one in italics).

I tend to prefer Java’s package naming and placing (package scheme reflect directories) a little more than namespaces in C#. May be I’ve not realized C# namespaces to its full extent yet.

I hated older versions of Visual C++ - so much that I used it only for GUI generation; then using VI for further edits. But, I must say that Visual C#.NET is a very good IDE for developing GUI applications; there is no equivalent in the Java world (may be Oracle JDeveloper fits the bill to a little extent). Eclipse is better than VCS.Net, but so far I’ve not seen any GUI development tools for it - that becomes an issue at times.

In fact, I’m really beginning to like jEdit these days - all I need is a good editor (syntax high-lighting, folding, matching, comment-auto-prefixing and keyboard friendliness), macros, code templates, console shell and a file system browser.

  1. Cool free gui editor for java:

    Posted by: Roger on July 13, 2004 11:21 AM