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Bringing Business Presentations To Life

Absolutely right-on-the-point - and well written - article about the major waste of corporate time: PowerPoint presentations!

Simran Bhargava. “A good presentation needs to reach the heart not just the head.”

I am officially dead due to PowerPoint. My demise happened recently when I finally saw one PowerPoint presentation too many. Everything went predictably. The presenter—a high-flying consultant—arrived in his predictable business suit holding his predictable laptop wearing a predictable look of self-importance. He then went through a predictable hour clicking on frame after predictable frame of impressive-sounding statistics while predictably repeating everything you could anyway see on the screen.

PowerPoint (or any slideshow tool) is a very good medium to stay focused. However, many people try to show useless tricks like animation, changing colors and fonts to get attention. These might work if you are trying to impress kintergarten kids, but not people who have quite a few different things in mind already.

All the big 5, Gartners and MetaGroup consultants, please read this article before spending another minute on making another presentation.

Like Mr. Narayana Murthy said, people can see through MAFA, Mistaking Articulation For Accomplishment.

It doesn't mean that you should toss out all presentations. For example, if you have people on the phone as audience, it is a lot better if you make a presentation and send it beforehand to them. Connecting with visual expressions simply doesn't work if people can't see you.