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Excellent article on outsourcing

Definitely not a link to forget.

Wired: The New Face of the Silicon Age. The obligatory raging discussion on Slashdot.

I think the article is fairly objective.

In my opinion, lot of programmers in US want to do creative stuff. At times, only creative stuff. In India, hungry stomachs usually win over hungry minds. They have no problem doing maintenance work -- what is usually considered as mundane and boring here. For example, I majored in Electronics & Communications Engineering, with specialization in Digital Signal Processing. I like to think that I was pretty good at it. Nevertheless, I have not done any electronics or communication or DSP work after graduating from college. Do I regret it? Once in a while. However, in 1993, reality in India was that more jobs where available in software engineering. So, I curbed my interest towards DSP and chose another path.

Essentially, people from developing countries do not take anything for granted. They don’t consider getting a well-paid R&D job in their field of expertiese as a god given right. They are willing to be flexible. They are willing to be flexible before other factors force them to be flexible. Free market economics play much better with flexible work force.

In short, if one wants to be a programmer willing to make a living in future, they may need to think different from the lines of “I’m a curly braces (Java, C, C++) programmer, I find it disgraceful to work in Visual Basic”.