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Guide to eXtreme Project Management

A *great* article about project management with an outline you can't ignore.

Doug DeCarlo - Guide to eXtreme Project ManagementTM: “An extreme project is a complex, high speed, self-correcting venture in search of a desirable result under conditions of high uncertainty, high change and high stress.”

If anyone would like to know why Indian IT service companies are so successful, look no further. The project management principles applied in those firms on a regular basis are very similar to principles explained here. Silly me, I thought everyone does project management like this :-(

Make sure you read this article - it may be time limited. I can’t agree more with Mr.DeCarlo’s analysis. Note to self - keep an eye out for his articles.

Doug DeCarlo works as a motivational keynote speaker too. If he speaks the way he writes, I would love to attend his seminars!

The following brief outline from the article is here with my comments in-between. In fact, I’ve very few comments, since I agree with all of them.