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GUI building with Eclipse

Good tutorial on setting up GCJ, Ant and Eclipse to build SWT applications.

IBM dW - Create native, cross-platform GUI applications, revisited: An updated look at GCJ and the SWT. Kirk Vogen explains, step-by-step, how to setup GNU Compiler for Java, Ant and Eclipse-GTK in Linux to develop cross-platform GUI applications. You can download source code and try it out.

Very good article. I am going to try it out. Then, I would like to see if that works for Windows too. I want to develop some cross-platform, Java based GUI tools. Native look-and-feel is important, even if it means compiling code for multiple platforms. I’ve been thinking about using SWT for this project.

All I need is some really strong will-power to get started using Java, when I know that I can develop the same thing in less than half the time and half the code using PythonCard :-)