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XML editing with XML schema

O'Reilly article about autogenerating forms from XSD.

O'Reilly Net: “This article describes a technique in which an XML instance document can be edited through an automatically created form-based GUI, based on the schema of the instance document. The whole cycle of GUI creation (using XSLT), editing, and updating (using XUpdate) XML instances is presented here. ”

Great idea. I had thought about a similar approach* 2 years ago for a project I did. In the end, we decided to revisit the topic.

* - scroll down to see my comments under "Satheesh Babu:".

The methodology presented in this article talks about creating a XSL for making GUI. What I’m more interested in is automatically making a simple GUI, just by looking at the schema. No need to have it looking very nice. Just show a record with appropriate fields.

Need to revisit this. Another application to revisit: Jaxe.