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Race and prom

After last year’s integrated event, separate dance organized for whites.

MSNBC: “A year after holding their first integrated prom, some students at Taylor County High School have decided to again hold a separate, private party for whites only.”

I still don’t think human beings are born with deep reservations about diversity. It is the so called "adults" that pass on their curse of prejudice down to generations. Like charity, prejudice also begins at home. Wonderful to see that schools are not far behind!

Granted, one school in Georgia is not entire US. I can’t help thinking how many more "nation building" will happen in 2040’s :-) Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Fine way for leaders to shape up!

  1. Oh why this hatred. If only everyone understood that they are same as the one next to him.
    You are born, you live and you die. There is no color in death.

    Posted by: Srijith on May 2, 2003 08:37 AM