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Bandwidth abuse

I think automated downloading of pages every 2 minutes is not fair.

From February 5th, some one has been accessing a page on my site every 2 minutes. Since the frequency is so precise, this cannot be a legitimate visitor looking at my site.

I’ve had enough.

Looking at reverse DNS lookup, the IP addresses seem to resolve to I wrote to their support department - they promised to look into this. Responsive customer service.

Well, this morning, I looked at the logs and it is still going on. Since my site runs on Apache, it is a pretty simple matter to add .htaccess file to ban IPs. Example:

<Files *>
order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from .yu
deny from 207.86.145

I hate doing this, but I think I’m being reasonable fair. This is just a personal site of a person with little money to spend for buying extra bandwidth :-)