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Blog template updates

XML button is present wherever I provide a feed; and fixed a bug with my templates.

Did some minor changes to the blog. I’ve been providing XML feeds for individual category archives. Put the proper orange icons on the archive pages.

And a bug that doesn’t do good to the trust.

I had not looked at my comment and entry templates properly. If a comment poster had put an e-mail address and NOT put any URL, the e-mail address is shown as the link. Now, e-mail address is not shown at all, as per my claim in the comment form. Sorry about the problem for all the comment posters so far.

According to MT Manual, all you need to do is to add a show_email="0" attribute to the link maker tag.

Lastly, (this is now several days old) I installed MTWordCount plugin. Since I’ve been writing short descriptions, it might give an idea to syndicated readers on how much more remains in the text.

  1. Thanks for the show_email=0 tips, ust what I needed! :D

    Posted by: scrabble on April 20, 2004 08:28 PM
  2. Great site guys... Keep up the good work :)

    Posted by: Mitch Bruke on May 12, 2004 09:42 PM