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PyBlagg is now Spycyroll

It is now on Sourceforge. Get it. Use it. Make it better.

Apparently, my quick and dirty news aggregator is found useful by others too. So, we have setup a sourceforge project to host this. At the moment, it is still the same code base. We’ll add more features to this.

I’m still figuring out interface in short intervals I get to work on this. Drop me a line (vsbabu AT vsbabu DOT org) if you would like to join the project.

  1. I recently downloaded and configured PyBlagg/Spycyroll. I ran it and it starts retrieving the feeds it came with, then errors out.
    I then noticed that it needs a file demo.php to output the feeds to.
    What is this file and where can I see code for it? It did not come with the tarball.

    Posted by: Curtis Seyfried on May 28, 2003 05:53 AM
  2. Curtis, I quickly wrote up installation instructions here:

    Please see if it works. We've not been developing Spycyroll for some time now - but we plan to :-)

    Posted by: Babu on May 28, 2003 08:16 AM
  3. Thanks for the response. I tried the above and got the same results. But, since I ran it through a DOS BAT file I was able to put a pause at the end and got to see the error messages.
    pyblagg initiates, obtaines info from the config.ini file, whaich has been modifed to the paths for pyblagg on my system, along with having created DATA and HTMLDOCS folders and placed paths for them.
    pyblagg then attempts to load the feeds that were in the ini file originally, I did not change them as of yet, I wanted to get it working 1st.
    After loading all the feeds it starts a series of error messages that vary only by the feed address, example below
    ERROR main [load channels] Could not save =>E:\program filesRDFPyRss\pyblagg\data\

    Posted by: Curtis Seyfried on May 28, 2003 10:33 AM
  4. For those among us who aren't well-acquainted with the use of CVS, could you "publish" an up to date tarball at the Sourceforge site in the "Released files" section?

    There's a link to a tarball on the spycyroll homepage, but the associated date is July 26th, which leads one to think that it's over a year old.

    Much appreciated !

    Posted by: Dick Byrnes on July 19, 2003 10:16 PM