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News Aggregator - less dirty!

My Python news aggregator now gets into CVS.

Learning a lesson that it is counter productive to program something when you are 90% asleep, I decide to work on my quick and dirty news aggregator in Python.

Here’s the new code that produced this aggregator page.

Apart from cleaning up of the code, changes include:

  1. Patches to Mark Pilgrim’s to consider RSS2 and some rogue RSS 0.91 feeds.
  2. No more print statements. Uses log4py module.
  3. Blogroll is now a dictionary. There are several people who don’t put appropriate title in their feed definition. So, you can set your own title.
  4. Some people put title, some put description and some put both. All those ugly if conditions are now in one function.

Remaining issues:

  1. This still does not take timezones into consideration.
  2. Has a dependancy on the command ls -t. Need to look into a datastore other than plain file system. Pickle should be enough.
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    Chris Smith o

    Posted by: Chris Smith on July 1, 2004 06:11 PM