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Linkfest 2003.02.01

Random technology stuff I found interesting during this week.

Archive of Oracle 9i daily feature announcements. Quite a bit of new features in 9i. Personally, I think this is getting unmanagable and bloated.

JPackage - a repository of binary RPM packages for Java software. Most hassle-free way to setup a Java development environment in your Linux machine.

I tried out Opera 7 and liked it quite a bit. It is still small, and has lot more features than Opera 6. Then I tried out Phoenix on both Windows and Linux and now that is my favourite browser. Especially on Linux with XFT support.

Tried out JEdit for trying out examples from Bruce Eckel’s book. I certainly can see this editor being useful for big projects. But, for the moment, I’m going to continue using Vim and SciTE.

O'ReillyNet has an introductory article to PyObjC. Mark Pascal thinks about Objectionable-C and more Objectionable C.