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Dilbert on XP

Pretty funny. As usual, informative too.

I was hoping that Dilbert would continue to focus on eXtreme Programming. Looks like after 2 strips, Scott Adams also found XP to be boring :-)

More than user stories, story writers and certification holders from PMI what you need is someone with a level head. One that can see what is the problem that is being solved for whom and how much. And correlate it with a realistic architecture, with flexibility built-in.

I don’t think eXtreme Programming sucks. Like any methodology, it is quite possible that unhealthy devotion to the methodology rather than the problem you are trying to solve, usually results in a solution that solves the wrong problem.

I guess it all depends on choosing the proportions wisely.

first one

second one

I agree with 2 people sharing one PC. If nothing else, the time individual programmers spend on instant messenger, phone, web browsing etc. comes down during pair programming.