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Oracle linkfest, November 2002

Oracle-ish stuff that caught my attention today.

Installing Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, Part 1: “In this first part of a three-part series exploring Oracle 9i on Mac OS X, David Simpson provides you with some excellent background information and a look at the ramifications for Solaris administrators”.

Substituting and Converting Object Types in a Hierarchy: “Explores the advantages and flexibilities of object-type hierarchies by examining substitutability and type conversion”.

Search for Oracle related articles on O'ReillyNet.

Architects: Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle: “No amount of tuning can fix an application flaw, especially in middleware and Web services, that’s due to poor design and construction. Using disciplined decision-making is essential for today’s application architects”.

Oracle Collaboration Suite: Oracle has purchased excellent CorporateTime software and now has packaged it cleverly into a suite that includes filesharing, wireless, search, voice and fax, email, calendaring, outlook connector etc. This must look attractive to business managers who want a big name vendor to support their spending decisions - the spending might indeed be big when compared to a Linux, Samba, Communigate Pro solution.

Now that you can create Oracle stored procedures using Java, you can fairly easily connect to non-Oracle databases from with an Oracle DB. Sample Java procedure using JDBC to do this.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind updating columns using PL/SQL. I think simple SQL UPDATE executed from SQL*Plus is better.

All the tips for 2002 from Oracle Magazine.