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Docbook for programmers

One step closer to documentation nirvana!

I like DocBook for its features. I hate it for its cumbersome nature. I think I’ve found out two things that will make my life easier:

  1. StructuredText in Python.
  2. eDE, an environment for managing DocBook projects in Windows.

Look at the simple code to convert a Structured Text document to DocBook:

Simple utility to convert STX to docBook
import sys
import StructuredText
docbook = StructuredText.DocBookArticle(doc)
print docbook

All I need is to see if eDE is indeed good. It must be, though it is in Java. I’ll post my findings later - it is a 19MB download.

Even if eDE is too heavy for my needs, I think I can quickly turn around Leo Outliner to maintain chunks of StructuredText, from which I can produce a complex DocBook article, chapter or book.

My Goals and Requirements:

  1. Edit in VI.
  2. Structure in outlines.
  3. Magically generate multiple formats.